With a Dynamic Background in Mortgage, Lead Generation, Consumer Experience, Technology and Mortgage Origination Volume, we are your perfect source to create your new Consumer Direct Division for Your Company.




It is critical in this channel to have the ideal consumer experience. SICD specializes in everything from setting up the "plumbing" with companies like to lead generation to technology to how that loan gets locked to what steps are taken before closing and why. We build your entire Best In Class Track for Peak Performance.


One of the major misconceptions when it comes to Mortgage Rate Table Divisions is that you cannot price your company in a manner on a daily basis where you will get solid plentiful lead flow at a margin that makes sense for your company's profitability model. You need a company that has expertise in this field to help you with this item. You can have a solid margin daily on the Rate Tables with Our Partnership.


"Turn the Dial" so to speak. You can virtually, between marketing spend and staffing, turn the dial on your originations and closings with this model more than other production arms in the mortgage marketplace. Our saying is "Everything is solved with Volume." Its not 100% accurate but we feel its close. Let us show you how.


We Take our relationships in the industry very seriously. SICD specializes in this vertical of the Industry and are dedicated to your profitability and growth. How many relationships do you know of that can make you $500,000 to $1,000,000 per year in revenue for your platform. We are honored to be at your service with our background in the Rate Table Marketplace.


At SICD, our goal is to have each LO on this platform who is performing for you on a monthly basis to earn a net profit for your company between $7-$10k per month after everything is paid other than taxes. Realizing that this is a decent spread between the two numbers, there are many different platforms with different overhead and structure to be considered.

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Rick Spano

Rick is an experienced technology expert who has been in the mortgage industry for more than twenty years. Rick owned and fully operated a mortgage company for fourteen and a half years where he served more than 37,000 happy clients. He gained a lot of experience as the founder of the mortgage company by interacting with clients from diverse backgrounds. Most of the clients were return customers due to the quality service they received from Rick’s company.

Rick was also the owner and founder of a lead generation company called that he sold, about eight years ago, to QuinStreet. This was a company that had prospered and maintained a good reputation with its clients. It had also grown to be among the market leaders in the region. The sale was done after owning the company for 24 months and the company remains one of their best if not their best mortgage lead generation site on their platform.

Currently, Rick owns a technology (1003pro), which is a best in class industry leading full service mortgage origination software built for the millennials. He serves as the CEO of this company and oversees most of its operations through a team of competent staff that is professionally recruited and hired. This technology has become very popular and useful with clients due to its easy application and the numerous benefits it provides to customers. The main customers for this company include large mortgage companies and other government and non-governmental organizations.

Rick remains a dedicated person who plans to start more companies driven by the needs of clients in the mortgage industry and the desire to improve this industry.






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