Maximize Mortgage Rate Locks & Closed Loans in this Growing Purchase Market with these 5 Tips to Market to Home Buyers

June 27, 2017


ATTN: Consumer Direct Managers - Maximize rate locks & closed loans in this growing purchase market with these 5 Tips to Home Buyers. Text “RATE” to 610-608-9947 to request more info

Tips to Increase Locks & Closed Loans

1. EXPERIENCE: Consider placing more seasoned loan officers on purchase market business & Campaigns - WHY? Because the process can take longer, has hard set deadlines, higher margin with less room for error

2. TECHNOLOGY: Invest in referral management, marketing automation not only for closed loans, but more importantly “bad timing” loans - follow up once every 6 months & make it easy for Loan Officers to stay in touch

3. REPUTATION THROUGH EDUCATION: Develop a marketing plan to stay in touch with customers - specifically purchase customers through valuable content so when the time is right they think of you to move forward quickly.

4. BE PREPARED: First time borrowers may be comfortable inquiring online but being unfamiliar with the process they may need more hand-holding throughout the process.

5. CONTACT SI CONSUMER DIRECT: Mortgage marketplaces or lead generators, like LendingTree, Mortgage Hippo, Zillow and eLoan provide qualified leads, however SI Consumer Direct ensures you are competitive in ranking and pricing among your competitors. We’re exclusive to the mortgage niche and scheduling intro calls now - Text “RATE” to 610-608-9947 to request more info.

  • Complete all setup for lead generation from major rate table sites (such as

  • Complete setup with Pricing Engine and CRM 

  • Ensure Loan Officers are fully trained on execution of these Leads as well as Best Practices

  • Execute monthly Marketing Lead Spend for each Loan Officer with all management

  • Direct Each Loan Officer to Lock 1 Loan per day with all tools that are sufficient in making this happen consistently 

  • Set Sufficient Margin with management team for solid lead flow with Great Profit Margins

  • Ensure placement on the rate table sites is ideal and consistent

  • Work very closely with sales management to make sure all variables are being managed properly

  • Ensure entire loan processing track is set to optimal standards for volume to be driven from division

  • This model can be for both Refinance and Purchase 

  • We Direct and Drive this Division on a Daily Basis for Your Mortgage Company or Bank

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